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  • Hello there! Well, if I could see what you have it would be a lot easier for me to tell.
    As long as you use the same game and the same DS, your parameters will be the same. So yes.

    Is that the answer you're looking for? I'm not sure if I understood your question.
    Oh, that's weird! So the initial frame for you was RNG Reporter's calculated initial frame - 3... I think I'll add that to my guide, thanks for letting me know! :D
    Ok, awesome! :D

    But, just a question. When you abused your starters, was the starting frame the same as the one RNG Reporter calculated (By clicking the Calculate PIDRNG Initial Frame")?
    I did talk about that in my guide, I think. Which version of RNG Reporter do you have? The newest version tells you your initial frame and your target frame, so you shouldn't have to hit your seed once to figure out what frame you hit. So, for example, since your target frame was 32, maybe (Just as an example) your starting frame was 29. So you would advance 3 times to get your ID.

    If you were using an older version of RNG Reporter, then you would have to hit your seed, use the seed finder to find out what frame you hit, and then do the correct amount of advancements! Maybe I'll add something about that.

    Did Step 5 (The optional step, for the starter) help you? :)

    I noticed you were having trouble with ID/SID abuse until Alpha Wolf helped you out. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can make my guide better? If so, please let me know! Is is hard to understand, or was there just something I forgot to mention that I should have mentioned?
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