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  • I don't know if you'll see this but thanks for your help the last two days, enjoy your trip!
    psychic is weak to types that are common fears

    fear of the dark, fear of ghosts, and fear of bugs.
    White pawn up two to e4, black pawn up two to c3. White night to f3, black pawn up one to d6. There's probably a specific name for this opening, but i can't remember it.
    he encontrado un bug con wrap moves jugando contra Sir. Si wrap llega a 0 pp pero el rival cambia de pokemon en ese mismo turno, los pp se tendrían que resetear al maximo otra vez (en el caso de wrap: 32). En cambio en PS! el glicth es que los pp se quedan en 0 y en el siguiente turno el pokemon se queda forzado a usar struggle.
    Solo se deberian quedar en 0 los pp en el caso de que el rival no cambie de pokemon cuando se usa el ultimo pp; en ese caso, la serie de wrap acabaria (de 2 a 5 turnos, los que sean), pero el pokemon tampoco se veria forzado a usar struggle ninguna vez (siempre que tenga pp en algun otro move)
    Yeah i know about the Skill Swap trick, i just want an Intimidate user to use it on another Intimidate user, because this way you get both opponents at -2 with a single move! Will contact you whenever i have the time.
    There are also Gyarados and Salamence, which can act as powerful nukers. Finally, there is Stantler, the only Intimidate user with Skill Swap, but he probably sucks, although i still want to try it. Anyway, i don't have any experience with spreads and moves for doubles, so if you are interested we can meet on irc and try to make this idea work...
    Hey Joim! I think it might be better if you discuss with Oglemi / Jellicent whether to set up a thread in the past gens C&C forum to update the short/long descs thing and standardize with the format that was used for BW. Just my thoughts~ haha. You could probably get help from other RBY players for competitive sections too, so that'll be more efficient too~ :)
    Would you prefer me to respond in the thread, or via PM? Note that most of the stuff I'll have to say will probably be along the same lines as what I said in Starships' thread.

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