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  • Hey! Could you hatch an SV egg for me? I'll give you a pair of 5IV scythers in return!
    I got an egg with the sv: 3287. And I saw that you had that number as sv, so could you please hatch it for me?
    Same here, But then I saw Garchomp in OU and wanted to play again :P, My favorite Pokemon right there.
    Wazzup bro long time? I am thinking I may get back into trading again so do you mind if I bump the thread? Have a big update :)
    Yeah :), It's so annoying -_- took me forever to finally hit my timer0 for a hidden grotto Minccino....I miss Wi-Fi, I miss trading and especially battling! You can still bump our thread if you want to trade again, I will just let people know I can't trade :P
    Nice I got both since I wanted 2 Genesect from the event but I can't find Wi-Fi to download them :'(, I also started to RNG some wild Pokemon on my Black 2. It's a bit more annoying than BW1 since there seems to be more timer0's... -__-
    Yeah my bill is 35$ a month for my stick, Guess we will see Did you get the Keldeo event? That horse is so f'n cute! haha
    But yeah next weekend I get off so maybe I will head there and we can battle :) I still need that great ball Staryu :P
    I went and spent $40 bucks on a Nintendo Wi-Fi USB connector but it won't download on my computer -__- and all I use for internet is a internet stick I have a plan on, I was stealing Wi-Fi signals from a neighbor on my DS and Xbox but the person put a password on there router xD recently so I am out of luck unless I go to McDonalds and use Wi-Fi there.
    Oh haha I have been doing some stuff recently but non-shiny since RNG reporter has slowed my labtop and it may be on its last legs :P but yeah im waiting for BW2, ive been more into the TCG recently :)
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