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  • I quit about a month an a half ago, We got a new boss and he was a dick lol....But have a different job now :), Are you still active with Pokemon? I have no access to Wi-Fi so I am unable to trade/battle :(
    I do still owe you some credits if you ever want to redeem them now that i am somewhat active again
    hey jones u can provide a parent with curse, whirlwind and pursuit on 4th gen? I have a tropius with curse and whirldwind, but i canot do because I need a HG/SS game, I can give u a tropius and cranidos.
    No prob dude, Hows it going? I finally got caught up with One Piece and Toriko :) Caught up on both the Manga and Anime and wow I was missing out!
    I am currently not at home and the Wi-Fi I am using at this camp ground does not support my DS :S, Just RNGed 18 Pokemon :P
    Hey man, Sorry for not replying, Im not at home and was using my phone to check Smogon :P
    Lets try NU? And sure I am just rushing to level up this Pokemon to 100 since I just got done shifting so I will be on shortly :), Sorry for taking so long man..
    Hey sorry I lost internet connection for a few minutes :/, Still have time for a match? If not there is always tomorrow :D
    Sure I hope it won't take that long since I need to shift and level up too 100, I should be done in 20 minutes or so :)
    Haha I have been busy most of the day trying to get most of mine done, Would you like to battle soon? I am finishing the last Pokemon for my NU team :)
    Lol it would be annoying to face a Whimsicott and Sableye on the same team :P I am also not starting to care about shiny Pokemon really anymore on 5th gen since it takes quite along time to find a seed and get the proper parents... -_- by the time it takes me to find a shiny seed and RNG with it I can RNG 2-3 non-shiny Pokemon and plus it slows down and heats up my PC.
    Haha yeah I need to read the manga when I get caught up on One Piece :) Also I am in the middle on EV training some NU and RU pokes so I am wondering maybe tomorrow if you want to have a few matches :)
    Ah will check it out and sorry for not replying fast, Getting to into this show :P
    Oh LOL I cant believe I did not think about that :P And no I have not seen their abilitys yet, I thought you were talking about something on Toriko xD
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