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  • Well, ehm, I haven't asked you but I guess it's about time lol. When I first made my signature, I wanted to include in it links to every updated rby analysis no matter who had done it, but then I added other rby stuff for myself, and now my signature contains everything from myself and... your Dnite analysis! As it stands it may seem that I'm trying to steal your work lol but I didn't want to remove it from my signature since is another updated rby analysis afterall. So, do you mind about how things are atm? I will add a (by Jorgen) near the link if you want to, or I could even remove the link if you'd prefer (although I like more the other idea :P ). So yeah, that's what I wanted to say, don't hesitate to tell me!
    Hey dude, I'm online now, if you want to battle, I can't connect earlier because I was buying christmas gifts, so want to play now?
    Hello, must we play for the smogon tournament, what day can you play? I can play every day (i am gmt-3)
    Oh. Sorry I just read your messages. So I take it now won't work anymore? The latest I can go for today is around 11pm and on Sunday, I won't be home until around 7.. Are you fine with that? If not, I can try to be available at around 5 tomorrow.
    I agree with you on wrap in RBY. It really makes a fun gen less fun to me as well. But nothing you said upset me. I made several misplays and you deserved to win. Sorry if I gave you the impression I was upset by what you said leaving and not talking but I never really talk during Pokemon games. I understood you were being sincere. Thanks for posting though to clarify.
    Hey I just wanted to tell you I actually can't do this Friday due to some school reasons. Sorry about that! Saturday is fine right?
    That is really early for me (I hate mornings). Can you make it either tomorrow or Wednesday night? Alternatively we could play now.
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