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  • Hi, I have an egg with your SV. Would you mind hatching it for me please? :)
    My Friend Code: 2294-4437-9699
    IGN: Elena
    Hello, I was wondering if you could hatch an egg for me? PM me and let me know, I can offer some form of compensation.
    I have an egg with shiny value 701. Can you please hatch it for me? My avatar name on pokemon is bake, and my friend code is 3325-2398-4769
    Thank you so much for your time
    Hey! I could really use an egg hatched by you then returned. It has sv: 701. I've added your FC mine is FC: 2208-5652-3786. I'll give you a Male adamant charmander with five perfect IV & egg moves outrage, crunch & belly drum as a reward if you'll hatch it for me or a 5 perfect IV protean froakie egg. Thanks for your time!
    Hi! I have an egg that matches your SV of 701! I was wondering if you could hatch it for me? :)
    5300-9435-5995 IGN: Cherry
    ello sorry to bother you i see ur sv is 701 can u help hatching one egg my fc is 3711-7831-4115 ign Lestat
    Hello there! You're a match to a shiny Absol egg of mine. Would you be willing to help me out hatching it? As soon as you send the shiny Absol back to me, I'll rewar you with something neat.
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