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  • Hi. I heard you have dream world females.. if you have a female dream world vulpix, or female eevee/eeveelution I'd be willing to trade for one.. though I'm not sure what I can offer. We can work something out I'm sure. Get back to me when you can, thanks :)
    Oh, I was gonna ask about the DW Poliwag but now I remember we had a pending trades for a while ago xD Could you check my thread with D/W females and see if there is anyone you still need ^^ I really want to breed a swift swim Poliwrath :D Still interested in the other pokes that I asked about before, but Poliwag is definetely more important..
    Hi, I saw in you sig that you looking for DW females. I have Oddish, Pidgey, Spearow and Yanma.
    Looking for Tropius, Miltank, Psyduck and Girafaring^^
    I'm a little late to see this, since you did not respond on my page, but yes, I do have her.

    I need doduo and poochyena, and most everything from the ocean, I only have magikarp, mantine, slowpoke and seaking.
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