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  • no that rule is sort of outdated, playthrough is fine but don't explicitly talk about using/getting roms and emulators etc
    I'm personally not a fan, but other mods have already approved them in other instances, so I guess it's allowed. It's a grey area, really.

    Don't advertise the hack, or link to it, or anything like that, and it should be okay. No guarantees though, cuz, as I said, grey area >.>

    Hope that helps ^.^;
    About ur sig... why' it all like "Screw the tiers, I use Torterra in OU!" I use low tier pokemon like Gastrodon in OU and I don't think its THAT big of a deal. ^_^'
    I was testing it, nothing special.

    As to why it's actually good, well, play the metagame and experience him for yourself (answer lies in the abundance of Nattorei and Scizor along with Toxic Spikes from Tentacruel).
    Yah I dont really understand stall or anything resembling stall AT ALL .__....
    And yeah Dory is fucking centralizing ass force in the game.He is one of the reasons an entire playstyle hyped all gen hit mediocrity (Heavy Offensve)..But the problem is its hard to tell if this centralization is unhealthy or not for the game.Id deffinetly agree that he should be nomed but i think it should be more closely examined later as now the game is just a huge clusterfuck and you dont know what the hell is going on..
    Yeah but that kind of set really isn't going to be used much outside of stall tbh.And Thunder wave really dsn't benifit stall TOO much as it never really aims to outpace threats and kill them but rather take the hit instead.Toxic helps to slowly kill the opponent instead and Deo-D is fucking bulky enough to Toxic Stall all day.I mean it eats SpecsMeteors like its nothing >_>....But yah T-wave still does have its merits
    Well i was using him on Semi stall iunno :S
    BU randorosu could work i suppose...Most stuff you are Ohk0ing are probably getting Ohk0d anyway and the things you'r 2hk0ing are too (I think it would 2hk0 Skarm)..
    Iunno about the Deo-D set it just seems kinda weird lol.Id much rather use Toxic over Thunder Wave tbh but heh.
    This thing has such a big movepool you can make like thousands of sets lol.Yah i never really put much thought into it when i tried using a stall team because it was pretty much just for fun.Thinking it through its kind of a waste of potential because Toxic Phazing can be done by a lot of pokes anyway whats the point of making an inferior Zapdos or something.I might try your version sometime ;3
    I think its not about how effective they are but much rather that they all have the potential to turn the game around with RNG alone that makes them so broken.Octillary might be successful Half the time while Glalie can pull it off a quarter but the fact remains that they all are completely reliant on luck and have the potential to win matches without almost no skill.

    And i used Toxic,Roost,Roar,Psychic
    sure man that sounds great :) I'm battling with "Sparks" on the PO beta server atm :) we should battle, I wanna see how my team does against your epic stall :P
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