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  • Hello! I have an egg that matches your SV(3676).
    Could you help me hatch it?
    Please reply when you have a time.
    I am japanese. It is not good at English. I'm sorry...
    Hello! I have an old spreadsheet containing all my old shiny egg values. I have a shiny honedge egg and was wondering if you could hatch it for me? I would really appreciate it and would be willing to help you in any way i can.
    your sv is 3676 right?
    4828 - 4082 - 2342
    I was working yesterday, that's why I didn't answer.
    ok i will get on now
    Send me a PM next time you're online, so I get a notification by email. I'll be ready most days from now on.
    Hi there Judejew, I'm hejxelaz0721 and searching in the webs I found that you have the perfect SV for my Pokemon. Can you breed it for me? My friend code is 1693-1842-1430 I already added you. Thanks for all.
    sorry to bother you but do you have an extra electizer and lucky egg i may have GOD BLESS YOU for your time
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