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  • Okay, yeah, that had me confused as hell. I think I've got this down. Thanks a ton, man.
    Assuming I'm opening menus correctly, avoiding the NPCs fucking up my frames.
    I think I have it more or less... God, this shit is tedious... Ultimately worth it, though...

    So, let me try and rephrase this back to you.

    I need to breed the pokémon, doing one chatter. I check that I hit the right time and stuff, then hatch the egg, check its nature, its IVs, and see where on the results between 40 and 65 it matches. Then, do it again, and adjust my chatter number accordingly to get exactly what I want.

    Why do I need the first chatter?
    Ah, okay... Hmm... So the nature of the wild poké doesn't matter at all. It's just the IVs I need.
    Wait, won't walking into the cave change the numbers? That's one of the things confusing me... And frames might advance between picking up the egg and getting back into the menu, correct?
    Okay, what I did was I sat down with pen and paper, I found a date and time with Flawless Special for a Deino that was on frame 5, I walked 128 steps (advancing the frame to 5, as I had 4 guys in my party), I sweet scented, and caught the pokemon. Determined the nature, tried again, chattering once, then again, chattering twice. I determined the next Modest was 17 away, and after about an hour using the wrong input time, I got a female Deino, 31/27/31/31/31/31, Modest on the first try.
    Thanks Julios, I was worried, because i really want to explore RNG more,
    I'll get cracking on the alternative ways to find my SID.
    I sent you the files. I would like them not nicknamed and gothorita in a luxury ball please.
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