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  • You're GMT+1, right? So that'd be at 17:00 my time? I can do that :) I may be a couple minutes late, but yeah.
    So I didn't hear from you all weekend and we need to play before the 22nd of November...
    The weekend works best. I don't have MSN, but the weekend works best whenever you would like (Sunday is way better than Saturday.) When are you free to play, your time, on Sunday?

    PS: Spain is beautiful. I got to travel there last year :3
    Hoy, I'm your opponent for a limited time only. I'm GMT +1, what time would be good for you ? The deadline is the 11th.
    Hey guy, I was looking in a brazilian forum the list of the WC 2011, and a guy commented that you used, in 2010, a pelipper. Like you, I like to use unusual pokémon in OU team, to make a surprise for my oponent. So, can you tell me the moveset, ability, item and attack of the pelipper that you used?
    Hey, are you interested in trading Pikaone with Dadoux (all tiers except BW UU) in Spirit League ?
    Hey man sorry for the late answer, my pc was down. today after the smogon tour is cool for you ?
    Hey, I'm GMT -5 and mostly available in the afternoon, but I'm pretty flexible. I'm available on just about any day, so I can battle before July 4. What are your preferred dates/times?
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