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  • haha Tony is a failure at life go blow your self because thats all your ever going to get homo and my mma skills are better then your (BAN ME PLEASE) skills.
    haha I'm a "bitch of a pussy" I guess that was a good comeback. Well after that comment I feel like your so much more superior than me lol (oh and in case you didn't realize that was sarcasm). And I can say whatever the hell I want, you won't do shit about it. So go ahead and leave me alone and practice your little mma okay?
    wow pathetic fairy just pathetic and your real proud of your self as im only pointing out you are a liar simply then you started all this shit so fuck off (BAN ME PLEASE) and your the bitch of a pussy and you dont know me so keep your mouth shut.
    Good I can't wait for you to be sent off to war and to stop bothering me :). Yeah and your a real bitch of a marine to be messing with someone younger than you. My dad is a marine and he would be ashamed to know they let people like you in the force
    okay im a way better wrestler then you plus id choke you out real easy and real fast plus your asking for it Tony and you didnt even come close to a 6-4 lead retard plus im going into the marines which is something youll never be able to do FAL Tony.
    haha so first off your sound really dumb because you D/Ced the first match when I had a 6-4 lead. And secondly I wrestle so I'd crush you, oh and btw you knowing your 18 and trying to pick on a 15 year old just makes you the absolute biggest loser lol. I feel really bad for I truly do. I hope you accomplish something good in your life so you can stop bothering me and others.
    hey id wreck your ass in real life haha your funny idiot and i beat you first match and 2nd match so shut the hell up and second all i weigh 150lbs and im into mma more then pokemon so your asking for a beatdown Tony just bring it plus im 18 your 15 or 16 so just fing bring it ill destroy you in about 30 seconds or less after i slam you on your head.
    your not gonna do anything to me you annoying little child. Cause first off your just some computer geek and I'd wreck you in really life. So go ahead and keep sending these threats over the computer. And hell yeah I reported you, your overly competitive and D/C on people, then you make them battle you again by contiusly asking for battles. Like your doing with dawn of the jiggly on serebii. So buzz off your little pest
    oh you fing know Tony you have no proff and yet you blow these lies out of your mouth so keep it shout or ill do it for you pathetic piece of wombag crap
    Lets go kal since nobody wants to batle. im trying out this new team i set up and i really wana test it out before i knock out tonight.
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