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  1. Blaziken

    How well does Quagsire take a High Jump Kick? Its dreamworld ability is unaware so it could care less about switching into a sword dance and it resists fire/rock attacks so it might make a decent check.
  2. CAP 11 CAP 11 - Part 14 - Sprite Poll 1

    DougJustDoug aragornbird DarthVader317 Gun6
  3. CAP Server Statistics - June & July 2010

    While I have not been on the server in a while, I have been keeping up with the boards and I think CAPs domination is a bunch a smaller trends that have added up. 1) As mentioned, the CAP board is rather scared to make a vulnerable. 7 out of the 10 CAPs are resistant to or have an ability to be...
  4. CAP 11 CAP 11 - Part 9 - Art Poll 1

    Kukem Yilx Buffalo_Wings hark Caladbolg~ Gun6 DougJustDoug aragornbird
  5. CAP 11 CAP 11 - Part 1 - Concept Poll 1

    Perfect Mate Quickstaller
  6. CAP 10 CAP 10 - Part 7 - Art Poll 1

    Yilx CyzirVisheen aragornbird DougJustDoug
  7. Revisions - Pyroak discussion

    I agree with Zarator about adding Clorophyll as one of its abilites. There was a lot of talk of making Pyroak relevant in Sun teams but the suggestions at the time were too imbalanced to be considered. I think Clorophyll is a good choice because it, combined with Pyroak's typing, allows it to...
  8. CAP 9 Colossoil Playtesting

    Im think Colossoil is performing a lot like Arghonaut in terms of living up to its concept. Its got enough punch to cause some distortion by discouraging certain move sets and strategies (I have seen less tricking and multiple status pokemon) but one pokemon by itself cannot accomplish such a...
  9. CAP 9 CAP 9 - Part 14b - Non-Attacking Moves Poll

    Heal Bell Fake Out Encore
  10. CAP 9 CAP 9 - Part 10 - Art Poll 2

    After a tough decision, I choose Doug's design. I think a Bison animal is a perfect fit for a Dark/Ground design and the compact bulky look it gives off also works with hard hitting physical aspects. There are a few other designs that I would also be happy with winning, but Doug's is definantly...
  11. CAP 9 CAP 9 - Part 10 - Art Poll 1

    GreenMamba Cartoons! Keishinkae Mysteriousfellow Caladbolg~ Chet Rippo chomzloh scampy Elegy of Emptiness DougJustDoug Galactic Grunt Buffalo Wings aragornbird CyzirVisheen
  12. CAP 9 CAP 9 - Part 7a - Ability Discussion

    This ability has actually been speculated on before but what about giving it the custom ability Speed-Intimidate. There are plenty of moves available to either prevent or clear out secoundary moves effects (Heal Beel, rapid spin, taunt etc) but if the pokemon is at risk of being KO or taunted by...
  13. CAP 9 CAP 9 - Part 3 - Secondary Typing Poll

    It was a tough choice between Ground and Poison, but I ended up choosing Ground. I just feel like speed will be important and ensure it is well protected against that is going to be important.
  14. CAP 9 CAP 9 - Secondary Typing Discussion

    I am partially to either ground or poison. Ground's SR resistance and sandstorm are a nice bonus but I think T-Wave immunity is a big argument for it. Whatever this poke well end up doing movewise, T-Wave could be a huge liability either from it failing to act at an inconvient time or by letting...