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  • just wondering what you're should come on PO sever spmetimes.Kinda miss chatting with you
    Thanks for the battle vids kidogo,although I could see only 2 of them(aesoft's gone weird)I read the logs.Those were really great battles.
    Hey Kidogo,can you send some logs/battles via aesoft between you and some other good players like ShakeItUp,Taylor,blarajan,Deinosaur?It would be better if they were from the Bad DW Tourney .I'd like to see how Darkrai is used in DW OU.
    This is kind of a hollow victory, but...

    (09:59:00) *** Your rank in Dream World OU is 1/6887 [1530 points / 140 battles]!

    With a hail team
    (17:44:00) *** Your rank in Dream World OU is 10/5956 [1365 points / 37 battles]!

    I'm getting there.... slowly.....
    i thought actually about replacing latias with thunderus, the team is kind of wrecked by any offensive manaphy. :/
    Hey, it's me Blow OUT from the server got T20. Top10 then I lost a bunch of points from a DC. I'm going to do something and I need to know it you show intrest in helping. Find me as R-C now. or something similiar to R-C / Rotom-Cut / [1]Blow OUT or something. Can't access Blow OUT it's a disappoint.
    Sure, definitely :) When is good for you? I won't be active much this week, but some time next week might be good.
    Well I did build that one you just 5-0'd. Maybe we could work on it?
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