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  • Same here. I don't know if it's because of the Wifi problems people had lately. =/ I,ll just ask a friend to do it over local trading then. Thanks anyway.
    I am on. Since I didn't see you I disconnected and verified your FC, and I have entered it properly. =/
    Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh... sorry. Power outage for a long while and my sister accidentally clicked on smogon when she was looking for a different website in the history thingy...
    :P I finished like ten minutes ago. I'm planning on using Registeel as a lead because of it's awesome defenses. I got rid of Weezing and am saving Uxie for a back-up lead (? something like that ?) for when Registeel goes down. If you're done making your team, I'll gladly challenge you to UU in a minute.
    :P I got 3 out of six so far. A Uxie, Weezing, and Chansey. Shall I go for a stall team or start adding in some sweepers?
    :P I had brought my Blissey in, so that may have MAYBE helped me with Lugia, but I doubt it.
    :P Well, it was a good battle to the unfortunate end. I think that Lugia would have torn through half my team.
    Hm... Interesting. I checked the error code I got on the and it basically says that there's a problem with the Friend Roster?

    They need to do something about that...
    :P Ah well, like I said, priority move or lead that outspeeds Smeargle will kill it. Or a Lum Berry Lead.
    Ice Beam didn't break sub. I have to ask another question: Will you use this in the GR tournament? Because if you do I'm so Bullet Punching Smeargle.
    I see how your set up works. I have to say, it's brilliant with minimal flaws. Basically, if your Smeargle faced a lead with a priority move or an Aerodyctal, it's screwed, therefore, it would potentially screw up that part of the combo. Apart from that, epic.

    And HP Fighting just for Blisseys. Even more epic.
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