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  • There's nothing I can help you with on hitting your delay, that's up to you. All you can do is put those letters into Search Elm to see what you actually hit, then put that delay into PikaTimer to make it adjust for you.
    Ok, good question. When you're getting the shininess and nature, you can call Elm as many times as you want. If you match up 10 calls, then you know you are on the right seed, so then put your parents in daycare. After that, bike up and down until the daycare man has an egg. This egg will be frame 1. Tell him you don't want it, and keep biking until he has another one. This one will be frame 2, so tell him you don't want it. Keep doing this until he's on the 5th egg, which is the one you actually want. When he has the 5th one, save in front of him and turn the DS off so you can RNG for IVs. When you RNG for IVs, each Elm call advances one frame, so you have to be careful.
    Sure, what is it? I won't be able to help any more today since it's getting late, but I might be on tomorrow.
    Every time you try, use the Search Elm function of RNG Reporter. This lets you see what delay you actually hit, so you can adjust for it.
    You got it? Did you call Elm and did the calls match up with the letters shown on your spread?
    You wait in the game for the first timer to end, then you reset. When the second timer is running, you have to hit A as fast as you can until you get to the Continue screen. Then you hit A when the second timer ends.
    Change the time, and if you have to restart it, then turn it off and on quickly, then enter the game.
    For example, if RNG Reporter says your time is 1:39:50, set the clock to 1:39, because PikaTimer will run for 50 seconds and get you what you want.
    When you have PikaTimer set up and you set the DS clock, get ready. You have to hit "start" or "ok" on the DS clock to set it, and at the exact same time, press the space bar to start PikaTimer. When the first timer hits 0, reset your game (R, L, Start, Select) and hit A as fast as you can to get to the Continue screen. When the second timer ends, hit A on the Continue screen to enter the game.
    Ok, good. Now go into Pikatimer, and put in some numbers. For Calibrated Delay, put in 490. For Wanted Delay, put in 505. For Calibrated Seconds, put in 14. For Wanted Seconds, put in 50.
    Also, in the open Seed to Time window of RNG Reporter, go to the top and put 50 in the Seconds box. Then click generate again and find your date, time, and spread.
    Click Create Timer on Pikatimer, and set the date of your DS to the date showed on your spread in RNG Reporter.
    That should be ok. Right click on that spread and click Generate More Times. Click the box for HGSS, click Generate, find a date and time closest to what day it is now. Highlight that spread. Put 5 in both "Seconds" boxes and 99 in both "Delay" boxes. Click Generate again and find your spread.
    There will be a number, usually from 1-10, in every result that comes up. It will also say Frame.
    Click Time Finder on RNG Reporter and open the tab "Shiny Egg." Select the nature you want and put in random numbers for the trainer ID and SID. Clicking Generate will give you a list of possibilities. Try to pick one with 1 as the frame, and if there isn't one, change the ID/SID or the month and day.
    Well, save in front of the daycare lady with Ditto and Dustox in your party, then turn your DS off and on. Open RNG Reporter and Pikatimer, and go to the calendar on your DS.
    Ok then, what do you want to breed first? Whatever it is, put it and the Ditto in your party, then save in front of the daycare lady.
    You'll have to start with an egg, then, I guess. You don't need your SID, but do you have it? Also, do you have a flawless Ditto to breed with?
    Alright, just a couple things first.
    I'm assuming you're on HGSS.
    Get Pokerus, get to Kanto, and show Elm the hatched Togepi.
    Save in front of a legendary like Suicune or Mewtwo or Zapdos.
    I can help you from there.
    I heard it's because Nintendo's trying to update their servers for Black and White. Hope it won't take forever.
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