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  • Yup that would work. Again I just think you lost some footing in the beginning of our battle and it left you in a poor position to deal with Starmie. What your discribing to me sounds like you do in fact have the tools to deal with Starime.
    That is true but I just thunderbolted becuase I really didn't know your team yet so I figured a thunderbolt into a ground wouldn't be so bad yet. Plus I know some people over perdict. I find in the opening to just play conservatively.
    Hm, that's a lot of damage Scizor was taking. What kind of Scizor was it? Still most of the time I would swap right out of Skarm. Scizor won't be doing a whole lot to it.
    Cool! Sometimes teams just have a disadvantage against certain Pokemon. I guess your teams real problem in our battles was just some wrong predictions that kinda messed you up.
    It defintetly checks Scizor but it really doesn't have the power to "counter" Scizor. The red bug won't be taking a lot from brave bird and the best you could do is get a free rocks or spikes up. Which is good don't get me wrong but if Starmie comes in you have two opptions. 1. Predict the rapid spin it would do and hit it with brave bird or 2. swap out before thunderbolt hit you. As you can see Skarm has a problem here. :/
    Hm, interesting. Don't really see scarf Zapdos. Well the set you just described would seem pretty effective to me. Maybe in the battle just some plays you made would have gone better for you

    One of the ones I remember of the top of my head is the swap to Heatran against Magnazone. Maybe swapping to Mamo would have been better? But yeah cloyster as a lead is downright wicked.
    Well, I can say your team looks pretty solid. From what I remembered thunderbolt was a big issue because you were being hit by both Magnazone's and Starmie's.

    Scarf Flygon would have decimated both of them.

    Starmie has no chance of taking an outrage or a U-turn and I doubt I need to explain Magnazone's problem. Out of the pokemon you should swap I would pick Skarm. Her biggest strength is spikes but you already have a pokemon handling that. Plus I have used a skarm in Wifi battles before and for whatever reason she just doesn't preform as well as in Pokemon Online.

    Another choice would be to give you Mamo a scarf. I felt like when I was battling your team you lacked a revenge killer which I capitalized on.

    Hope some of this helps!
    Hm, what were you pokes again. Sorry after so many battles they sorta blur together. :P

    I can say right of the bat that your lead is pretty beast.
    Sure no problem man :), I need to learn how to RNG in B/W when it gets released aswell.
    If it isnt hacked why did my draco meteor after i used it once and he was using a max hp max special defence dragonite and my special attack was harshly fell and the draco meteor koed it still wanna explain that?
    Well thanks for the hacked d nite that im now going to release and your going to get blacklisted if you use that thing
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