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  • yoyoyoyoyoyo, do you have the raw files from issue 1, ie the pictures and text? Could you give me the first two pages or so if you do? I want to test some stuff
    thanks. i'll give them all a listen. and yeah jello Biafra is one of my personal heros, even though he might be a bit off of center.
    Oh hey yeah so I was stalking Eraddd's wall and saw the shindiggs. But anyway idk if you got my PM a few days ago regarding getting the competitor stuff onsite. If not I can get it to you somehow but if yeah, that's what's up, I can send you the cut-in-half pages so it fits within the boundaries of the page. macle and I did a little test here
    Needed someone with site staff to cache competitor stuff. So you will now be our designated cacher.

    Edit: Last night, v0x was trying to get someone to upload and cache some competitor stuff but no one replied so I got kind of fed up and asked Articuno64 to give you site staff heh.
    well i really like the descendents, the clash, and the dead kennedys if i had to name my favorites. ill look up some of those you've mentioned though.
    kinoos i need your recommendations for good punk bands. i understand this is your forte.

    i already have: dead kennedys, the clash, fugazi, descendents, sex pistols and the vandals, etc. what are some other good bands or songs i might have missed?

    p.s. hi kinoos :D so cute. so strong.
    Yes, I can play RBY. I would definitely appreciate some sparring practice with my fellow tyrants, since it's hard to get practice in these days.

    I will try to show around this time, then. I can't show up today, though. need to finish an app...
    Yea, definitely, Kinneas. When are the active time for me to go there? I am sorry for my inactivity - I'm kind of booked till the 1st. Thanks again for recruiting me, Kinneas :'D
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