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  • Hey I'm interested in your FC as you have a Skarmory. I'd greatly appreciate if you added me.

    3969 4633 0700 (Roy in-game)

    (Ghost) Shuppet, Pumpkaboo, Golurk
    Would you hatch my egg?
    My egg is matched with your TSV :D
    I have an egg matched with your SV
    I gonna give you 5IV flawless pokemon for you
    Please Reply me :D
    My FC: 0920 0525 0129
    It'll be glad you will help me! :D
    Please Reply me :D
    Hi your shiny value 48 matches one of my eggs would you mind hatching it for me? 4613-6271-6759|SV 1621
    Hi there buddy just added your friend code if ya could add me it would be much appreciated
    mine is 0705-2803-5539 and has lillipup,kecleon and chansey
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