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  • Of course :) I'll be really glad to meet some of the southerners(considering I'm from the south and have met everyone up north so far :D) and it should be a fun competition. I'll make sure to wear my skarmbliss shirt, royal blue. Do you have one? lol.
    just basing the rules from vgc 2010, that's all, just speculation
    But now I am practising for vgc 2013
    I may just go to the 1 up tournaments and win them and get to hawaii that way.
    I got badly haxed out in the top 12, I was at the finalist lounge first though, and I jad 2 games of cards before anyone else came lol.
    NP dude. :P Sorry I couldn't get it to you sooner though. Didn't know it would take nacho this long to clone.
    thx man, and I am fine as of now, if I win, I am going to party
    sometimes but lately I have been busy, may go on during the week on the skarmbliss irc, but don't count on it (my pokes need to be ev'd and uk nats are on sat
    No problem... thank you.
    I'll be attending Houston in April, good luck to you too.
    no wolfey and I don't see eye to eye, but oh well, also I'd love to, though I am not usually the best at team building :P
    Hey kiwi me and pokeguru just got unbanned but I went back on and got banned again :(
    -[OHax]MattN VGC
    How's it going with the Pokemon. Sorry if it feels like I'm rushing you, but I got someone else to do the other two, and I'm excited to start using the team.
    Three it is haha. I can't get Fake Out on the Weavile, as it's an Egg Move.

    I'll PM you the information. Can you PP Max the moves as well. If you can't that's fine too. If you can, just use actual PP Maxes.

    They're for a VGC Practice team. Yeah, use the Wings/Vitamins.

    I usually do a 1 credit for 1 Pokemon rate, but I can offer you 4 credits if you do the other 4 Pokemon.
    Alright. I'm pretty sure I've asked this before, but how do you EV Train/Level?

    Also, how many are you willing to EV Train/Level, because I need 6 done.
    Hey. I need some stuff EV'd. Please send me a VM when you're available. I believe I have two credits from you.
    Lol, that's bizarre. So you downloaded the file you wanted from Pokcheck, selected it at Pokemon selector, submitted your Pokemon, and used the DNS the site gave you?
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