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    There is the pokemon bank homepage. Hope that helps. It's a storage facility that allows you transfer mons between old games and recent games. It requires a one year 5 dollar subscription. Keep in mind though USUM is the last pokemon games so I doubt the 3ds will be around for a while.
    Hi. x) I was just lurking through my trade thread reading old posts and it occurred to me that I hadn't seen you around in forever, so I thought I should say hi. Hope you've been good!
    You can. The guide just says that the method of trial and error is not reliable, unlike later in the game when you can get access to elm/irwin and roamers to check your delay. At this point in the game, you will just have to patiently do trial and error to see if you get your desired poke. In a sense, going for a shiny is easier to check since all you have to do is interact with the pokeball and see if the image displayed is shiny.
    yep, I'd just save one step before you're forced to interact with the pokes. Also this from the 4th gen guide:

    The Johto and Sinnoh starters also operate similarly, but it is NOT recommended to get perfect starters this way as you have no reliable method of confirming your seed or advancing your frames and will have to rely on luck from randomly moving NPCs. Additionally, if you're going for a shiny starter, you will be confirm if it is shiny by simply clicking on the Poke Ball and the image displayed should be the shiny sprite if you did everything correctly.
    sorry to bother you but do you have a spare lucky egg and a Tm substitute i may have in gen 4
    Do you still want the chatots and the ditto? I can upload them to pokécheck if you want.
    let me know when you're available to give you the chatots. You don't have to give me the charizard if you don't want to. As I told you before the chatots are for free :)
    Hey, do you still need that Pokeshift? It's been a while so I understand if you got someone else to do it.
    Hey, I saw you needed Pokeshifting. I may be able to do that for you, of you still need it.
    I found the problem. I got a new FC in HG. It's 3954-9397-8616. Sorry about that.
    Nvm. It just so happens that I'm in the middle of the E4. -_- I'll try HG again.
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