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  • Hey I'd like to trade in your thread, but It might count as bumping an old thread. Anyways I'd like to file trade these...
    Alex's Drillbur Lv.1
    Fenix54's Regirock Lv.30
    Bagon Lv.1 The Modest one
    Baku's Shaymin Lv.30

    You can choose 4 Pokemon from my shop for them. My sig has a link
    yeah I can trade either one of those for the Axew, just let me know and we can trade now :)
    The Dream World Blaziken and Shiny Lugia I have in 5th Gen .pkm files; Shaymin only in 4th Gen. I can send you the 4th Gen file for Shaymin, but its not compatible with Pokesav BW (you'd have to Pokeshift it yourself). If you cant do that, then you'll have to wait until I shift it.
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