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  • Well for non-weather teams the Skarmory + Gastrodon + Heatran core is pretty solid. Each of these pokemon do exceptionally well against each of the weather teams, so that's a good core to build your team around.
    Um, welllll..... Something has been going crazy in my game, and a lot of stuff seems to be messed up, but I sort of got it;

    Eevee -Timid (I can evolve it after it learns Bpass)
    31/13/30/30/31/31 HP GRASS 68
    Hatched: ChargeStone Cave

    (it's non shiny) You know how I said it was kind of messed up? Well, I've done this spread half a dozen times before, but for some reason, though the atk always used to be 31 (which gave 70 power hidden power with this spread), it's 13 instead =[

    I hope this still works though, and if those 2 base power points are that much of an issue, I could charge 3 credits instead =/ (hopefully, however, it's not much of a big deal)
    Hey lanced, are able to receive the 5 BP's I did for you? And how do you want to work the 16 credits(since you only have 16 pokemon in your thread)?

    My Gen 4 FC is: 0088 8061 3635
    Cool descriptions for your RMT! :D Instead of blaziken, use infernape. Blaziken is banned, and Infernape is the best one to replace him! Plus, he's red!
    We keep missing each other! I have really weird hours but how bout we set a time for Friday? How does 2:00pm(PST I don't know what timezone you're on) work for you? Let me know I should be around all day Friday as its my day off.
    Are you still interested in our trade? your shiny hp fire shaymin for my DW poliwag.
    hey lance u ask on my thread for my shiny seedot in a nest ball and my shiny magnezone in dive ball, i ask u for ur shiny dragonite quiet u have available for 4 gen?
    Yea you can pick them up monday, I thought you disappeared glad to see ya back
    Lance, go check Zoap's profile. He left a message for you and other people including me.
    VM me when you saw what Zoap said and tell me what he said.
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