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  • They are perfect! =) Thank you so much! Everything is just right with them! Awesome breeding. ^^ <3 I'll update your credits now.
    Sorry, I went to get some food! lol I am ready to trade now if you are? =)
    Right well if you have the Espeon and Platinum, hatch her in FullMoon Island? =) That's pretty! And for Flareon, maybe Stark Mountain?

    Or both eevees in Trophy Garden.. Rattata would be suitable to be hatched in Ravaged Path?

    Floaroma Meadow is always pretty. ^^ So is Eterna Forest.
    Brilliant. =] So.. Shall we say 9 credits? Let me know when you want to trade! Oh and I recommend hatching them in pretty locations like Floaroma Meadow, a Forest or whatever! ^^
    Well, normally people charge 2 credits per BP, but maybe 3 in your case since I get them in eggs. ^^ If I'm going to put them up in my trade thread, you may also want to send me hatched copies on your game so that your OT will be on the traded ones. =)
    The purple psycho cat giveaway, I only won the mewtwo, even though i got i think 8 right, by my count.
    Adamant is perfect! ^^ I've been looking forward to this trade a long time! =] You've been very quick and efficient with your breeding though I have to say! So, did you decide how many credits etc or what you'd like from me in return? ^^ I've got a lot of new updates in my thread too.. Oh and do I get semi redis rights on these?
    Right I'm heading off to bed, good night and I'm looking forward to our trade tomorrow! =D
    Hehe alright, I suppose we'll trade them all tomorrow then? =) And don't say that, I've seen quite a few people just starting out with RNGing and then getting hugely popular. lol Especially if they do BP's/CP's.. what's really hard to find atm is HG/SS projects. >< As you can see from my wants list! heh full of them..
    And awesome!! =D Did you start on the Rattata yet? You're a wonderful breeder, I bet you'll be rather famous on here! lol
    lol yeah I love Charmander as well.. =P got a weak spot for most starter Pokémon, apart from gen 4.. since nearly everything in gen4 looked like something a 5 year old wouldve drawn.
    I agree. ^^ Though with all my trading/breeding and wants atm that's keeping me busy and unable to play it much! lol
    Well, not just for getting more box space an more choices breeding / capturing things... but for the joy of playing it! =D The new games are awesome!
    Hehe yeah! I thought everyone has HG/SS by now! ;D Tbh Platinum isn't quite worth it. =P Maybe for some extra Tutor things and stuff but you can get them elsewhere..
    lol yeah I've made my platinum game my trading basket really.. =P Boxes getting full!
    Yeah.. lol sometimes I wonder if a lot of my pokémon get lost in my thread with all the other pokes that are there.. I have way over a 100 now. :S I don't know when they got so many...
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