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  • If you want to HP breed RNG is basically the only way. lol I got HP Grass 70 on Houndour by fluke! :P
    Hehe well you've seen the ones I've got in my thread. ^^ It takes days of soft resetting... but imo the results aren't too bad! Some are even as good as RNGs! Like my Houndour and Skarmory. =D
    Although of course I don't RNG breed. lol Oh and the person with all the cool HP Dittos is Jubilee! =)
    Oh alright then. =) I was worried you'd released one you already bred! lol I'm working on breeding a decent Mareep atm -_-' it's taking ages!
    Aww no don't release it. ^^ I'll take that one too and pay you extra then?
    Well honestly, I don't care much myself for Counter =P I don't like attacks based on chance-taking. lol
    Hehe no! But Growlithe can learn them right? Atleast Flame Wheel and Reversal ^^
    Ah okay, yeah maybe that's better. =] To trade all three over at the same time. And sure, just say how many credits you think your work is worth. ^^ And I suppose keep me informed about Rattata and to-be-Flaeron too then. Ooh and do you think you could add Flame Wheel to Rattata too as an egg move?
    Hehe just thought maybe you forgot. ^^ That's great! Let me know when you want to trade them over and what you want for them. =) I'll be back in 30 mins!
    Oh yay that's perfect! =] Just Flareon and Rattata left now then, but they're not too hard are they? Oh and do you have them in eggs for me or just hatched lvl 1s?
    Haha yes it's Chii from Chobits. ^^ It was the first Anime I ever got into watching quite a few years back. =P How'd things go with breeding in the end?
    Lovely. =) Good luck with it and I hope it doesn't take you too long and that you don't.. start pulling your hair out after a while! lol I know I'm asking a lot with my BP's. ^^ Good night Krono!
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