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  • I gotta get to bed, I'm in eastern USA, in case you were wondering, so I gotta get this done within the next 20 minutes please and thank you.
    omanyte, electrike, pachirisu.

    Its ok i can wait, I have the in the box already :)
    Update I have bred a female DW variant of all 5 pidgey, hoothoot, caterpie, slowpoke, and surskit.
    Hello dear sir and/or madam!

    I noticed your DW trading post in your sig.

    I also noticed you need(that I have) female pidgey, hoothoot, butterfree, slowpoke, and surskit.

    I'm interested in female omanyte/kabuto/electrike/poochyena and pachirisu (all females wanted)

    You have my White code registered(thats where my DW pokes are, so if you are interested in 5 of mine for those 5 of yours I noted, please respond in VM or PM)

    It's ok if they're not original, I breed the females for the DW ability, so as long as they breed female and DW, I accept your monsters.
    Most of the ppl in my full white palpad are from page 28 and after, because alot of the ppl who posted in the early days/early pages, dont log in anymore/respond to friend requests.

    Guess it can be helped, しかたがありませんね?
    Can I interest you in a DW FC trade>? I'm available for the next 30 minutes my code is 3610 7032 8111
    Hey, sorry, I've been busy lately. Right now, the Chansey is on my 4th gen cart, but I can transfer it to 5th gen if you want.
    HGSS egg abuse is no different from DPPt except...
    1. There's only 1 NPC to worry about

    2. Instead of Coin Flip and Journal, you use Elm Calls to verify your seed and advance it. You have to do these if you want to use Elm to verify your seed
    Get Pokerus
    Get to Kanto
    Show him the Togepi you get from him.

    And you can verify your seed based on his 3 responses. Since verifying and advancing the frame are done by the same activity, it's the best you have a 10+ target frame.

    There's no need for calibration too. Since the result of Elm call may skip due to frame advancement, for example...

    12 elm calls on frame 1

    12 elm calls at frame 3, which is the possible advancement if you pick the egg quick enough

    Hope this helped >.>
    Okay, nice :) Hahaha, why would they give Staravia and not Starly a D/W ability? xD They are so funny sometimes, like how they gave Delibird Insomnia :P
    Thanks for the pokes :D And sorry for the slowness once again, at first I couldn't even found it and find a male sentret instead so I almost thought I had gone color blind or something ;___; Also if you happen to get a DW female Magikarp, Natu or Carvanha I would be very interested. Can offer something in my thread of any of them^^
    Okay I'll be on as soon as possible, just have to found the mons in the PC xD sorry for slowness!
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