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    Sorry im not keeping in touch very well I’ve been very busy I hope everything is ok Im gonna have another OmniAce soon to help you out so total of 2
    Hope everything is ok
    Keep in touch!
    Hey I think I'm ready to challenge your Ice type gym. How does Friday sounds?
    Thanks for the friend request, any time you wanna play lemme know man, i had great fun. That milotic really gave me trouble >_<
    Dont sell yourself short. You are awesome, and the Hax gods are always with you. :)
    Its ok, dont push yourself. Goodnight, and i hope you feel better
    Lol dude.
    Im joking.
    Well. I am doing CP's atm.
    Want to battle? :)
    UU maybe?
    Yes boss... sure thing boss... need the shoes polished boss....... If so let me call a grunt....... LOL!!!!
    I really do hope you feel better soon. Being sick is against the rules of life (paragraph 3 sentence 2).
    I have been studying what has been working for me and what has not. I am almost there. One pokemon of that team will be leaving and I will be replacing it with another one soon.
    It is O.K. I am studying this team as well. Trying to see what works and what does not.
    O.K. I have your new FC in my palpad and am going into wi-fi now then. See you in there and have fun. : )
    I would love to have a battle with you. Do you have time to battle? Using our regular OU teams of course. None of the gym stuff (unless they are on your regular team in the first place).
    Timid Choice spec + STAB Thunder would OHKO Heatran.
    Stall out raikou.
    Modest Life Orb + STAB Hydro Pump OHKO Scizor
    Ice beam sweep crobat and celebi.
    It should have been a victory for me, but fate says no. Fate had to push the other way, and decide to miss on the two crucial moments in the game.
    Ah well. The hax gods are not smiling on me.
    Heatran had 1 move that would have been useless against you. Hidden power and of course it's HP is ice
    what am I saying. None of my stuff is normal. I mean think about it. Think about some of the moves I used. Not many people use the moves I do.
    I use that little one as a surprise for all the people expecting the normal stuff. :)
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