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  • Hmm interesting. My kyogre was second and has fair speed (it outran your rayquaza I think?).

    Yeah lol rain dance doubles speed for kingdra/ludicolo. But I didn't have that. My Kingdra has max speed though, while not very high, a meager 295. Still not that bad though I guess.
    sorry no thanks. i was just now testing out a new team and it sucks so I need to do some work
    Yeah. Me neither, Rayquaza is a usual 2KO by a margin of HP. Though it was 4x from a modest kyogre. haha

    My Kingdra is a standard 252/252 atk/spe for rain dance. It has pretty good IV's in its defenses though, that's probably why it survived.

    By the way, is it always the initiator of the battle to have weather priority? I figured they'd just cancel out.
    lol k. want to have a battle then? I'm up for it. my fc: 2493 4807 0745

    You're up for 4 v 4 then?
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