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  • in Pokemon ..... we have credits, I added you in special thnx, like I am in leaders and Magistrum is in artists
    And BTW, I made both Icoxi and Gazceit One and a Half year ago

    Oh and I usually not take much time for the names, but no one said about this, so thnx for that, I'll spend more time to it. The only name that took some time was Cylibor (Cyber+Live+Robot+Cyborg) and a lot of names are easy, see Diglett, Meowth and Flareon

    Edit: and actually i meant the mistakes in the earlier pokemon of mine like Gazceit and those
    Do you think I learned a bit from my mistakes from my old Pokemon (They are a bit OP as I designed them 1.5 years ago (I was like 11 back then) , but they are my favourites that is why i kept them) Some moves might not fit as I know the wrong meaning, so sometimes a strange move is in the move pool
    If you still want to say something against me/in the group, which may include me, please do it soon as I have 20 minutes till I go to bed
    Astorix was actually an idea some dude had on Smogon a while back and he named it Spacix; much slower and less like Onix and more like Steelix. I did not draw that, but that is where the idea of Astorix came from.
    Yeah, it can happen, but I don't matter it too much, I lurked a halve year too before joining, so I may know about it.

    Edit: I also kinda ment like new to the group
    Please keep posting in our group, you make really intelligent posts, even while you are new. Also I think you understand what we need. THNX
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