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  • You only issued 2 actions in your match with Alch for each mon(Alch has rectified his error). Please reorder so that I can ref.
    Thanks! reimu really wasnt the main inspiration for her but i guess she kicked in at the correct time

    its not that I'm not listening to you, It's just that, with a combination of school, early bedtime, and christmas stuff, it may be a struggle to get on here and talk, really. Also, sure, I can do backsprites, but you'll need to be specific on which generation. Waitwaitwaitwait. Your THIRD HACK??? I'd really like to hear about this, as I don't know the process of making these pieces of copyright art. YOU SEEM PRETTY LEECHY TO MEno not really :)
    eh.....i dont understand time zones and all that jazz, as it confuses me xD
    and you live in australia? thats pretty cool c: i wish i can go live in Spain, because thats where my dad's side is from
    i hath returned,
    and i will take the ring to mordor-though i do not know the way
    ...dear gawd that's a lot.

    Well, I've just finished exams and school for the year but there's a lot of holiday homework to finish by January. My scout troop is going to Hawaii for a camp thing late November, which is going to be fuuuuun! Also, I'm supposed to take Grade 8 piano exams next year. You do seem busy (busier?), but Touhou? D:

    Also, what's Psych exams?
    Thank you. I got into pokemon thru my 8 year old son, then it went to owning an official nintendo pokemon league, and I was hooked! both TGC and VGC
    HEY lamprey, there are actually a bunch of free image-editing programs out there you could use. GIMP is one (just google it), but I generally use MS Paint and Sumo paint (which is sort of like photoshop, I think), so if you REALLY wanted to get Starmie over to the other side, you definitely could. That said, I think it looks nice where it is, and I actually like the new shading :)
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