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  • I've gotta peace now but I will be on tomorrow after around 6 pm EST for the rest of the night
    i can play tomorrow night for sure. i'm on right now for a few more hours as well
    hey man will you be here tomorrow? i'm gonna try my best to come on tonight but i'm not sure it'll be a possibility. just let me know
    yeah the weekend sounds fine. i'll be pretty busy this weekend but saturday night is probably best for me. i'm GMT -5
    i can be on in a few (i'm also gmt +1) but when i get on i only have a half hour so we've gotta make it quick
    I'm your new opponent for spl, im gmt-8 and should be available tommorow.
    I meant during the night, I won't be here the evening. Like, 2am. But if you're fine with that, it's perfect
    Hi ! We are paired for the SPL.
    I have some weird schedules this week, sorry about that. It would be nice if you can play tomorrow evening, sometime between 7pm and 2am (I'm GMT +1).
    If you can't, I could play Wednesday morning, or during the night from Thursday to Friday. I could also play Friday around 1pm.

    Sorry for the unconvenience
    hey, we're paired this week. i'm available between 6:30 and 10 gmt -6, but if that isn't a good time for you, we should battle during the weekend. please respond with the hours you're comfortable playing so that we can schedule this!
    Puedes jugar ahora ? Si no puedes cuando podras jugar ? Porque ahora es urgente que esto se juega

    (I don't speak spanish, someone translated it for me, so if you answer do it in english please)
    Cubatita nuestro que estás en el vaso, a través de la boca ábrete paso. Santificados sean tus grados, vengan a nosotros tus efectos, hágase tu voluntad así en el bar como en el pub. El ciego maestro de cada noche dánoslo hoy, perdona nuestras mezclas así como nosotros perdonamos al garrafón, y no nos dejes beber Buckler sin alcohol, líbranos del Bitterkas, Amen. ¡¡FELIZ AÑO NUEVO!!
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