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  • okay I am usually on synIRC channel #pokemon so I will try finding you there, thanks
    we must play for OST9, my timezone is GMT -7 and I can play this Sunday. you are GMT +1?
    whats your time zone. and next saturday is fine, school takes up too much time to do it on a weekday
    Hey LightTheThunder, you've been sub'd in for Team Tour R2 - Your opponent is Jets. Please message him and schedule your battle and have it done by the 22nd Nov
    Hi ! I just wanted to speak with you about a trade for the Spirit League, you can check your PM at French Spirit for more details, it will be easier as I have already sent it a while ago.
    hey we really need to get this match done for the Ubers Open. Let me know when you can play
    hey w're matched up for the Ubers Open. I'm gmt -5 but I'm gonna need a few days to get some teams together. Is that cool?
    light hoy es la dealine del UU open >.> a ginku puedes encontrarlo en #genvuu en el IRC por la tardes/noche (principalmente noche)
    We're matched up for the UU open. I'd prefer playing this or next evening (GMT+2), but I can do other times to if you want. Do you use irc?
    Hi we have to play for inaugural bw2 tour. My time zone is gmt -5 so let me know when you can play so we can schedule a match or something!
    Dude, tell me when you want to play, I'm GMT+2 like you and I'm available from 2:00 to 6:00 PM and after the olympics at 11:00 PM
    Also I would like to play on PO2 as showdown doesn't work for me
    When do you wanna play for UU open ? We're in the same timezone so it should be easy
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