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  1. A Fresh Start: A VGC 2011 Tournament Round 1

    Have to drop, can't get my game to work on cart. :(
  2. Pokemon Black and White (SPECULATIONS ALLOWED HERE)

    On serebii. The scans of the magazine came in and it says fire/fighting.
  3. Pokemon Black and White (SPECULATIONS ALLOWED HERE)

    No, Smogon won't make an announcement. Should read the rules. Google is your friend (or will get you virus')
  4. Pokemon Black and White (SPECULATIONS ALLOWED HERE)

    You have a d-bag for a friend. Either: A. he does not have it (most likely true) or B. he has it and isnt giving it out to other people (which is worse than A)
  5. 1000th Post - A World Champions Story

    Congrats BC. It's cool to see a TR team win. Awesome shirt by the way.
  6. Most Generation PRNG Help / Information

    The forced walking to Ho-oh takes up the same amount of RNG frames, so do a few tests of just walking straight to it, catching it, and finding the initial seed. Find the frame Ho-oh is on to see how far it advances. Then remember that number when trying to get a different seed.
  7. Smogon Live Tournament 5/23/10

    Apparently I'm holding up the tournament.
  8. Most Generation PRNG Help / Information

    Your question is to vague. You do not provide us with enough information to help you. If you are advancing with 5 pokemon in your party and walking to advance the frames, try walking less to do so. Take 128 steps less (that is the number to advance frames by the number of pokemon in party? I'm...
  9. Wi-Fi Blacklist: as of January 30th, 2014

    Just to stop the random posts, the mods use logic when considering these type of things. Post count doesn't mean a thing to us. The quality of the user is all that matters. There is a shoddy battle mod on this forum who has less than 100 posts. Also, why does join date matter? (Rhetorical...
  10. Most Generation PRNG Help / Information

    This isn't my department, but sorta. Based on given information, like the time, date you entered the game, you can find out possible seeds that you may have gotten. I think there is some info on it in the first post somewhere.
  11. Most Generation PRNG Help / Information

    They are method J. Look below the first post and it will talk about encounter slots. It tells you which pokemon you will be battling on which frame based on the area you are in.
  12. Most Generation PRNG Help / Information

    Yes walking in the grass advances the frame further. You use sweet scent to encounter the pokemon. It is the same thing as legends. Hit seed, flip the coin, journal flips, then sweet scent to battle. You have to check if there are any NPCs that will advance your frame. If you can battle...
  13. Most Generation PRNG Help / Information

    Encountering a pokemon is one advancement. If you are doing pokeradar, just use the formula in the post I have to find out how many journal flips to do.
  14. Jackie Chanless Mafia! Shendu wins!

    It won't work if you delete your post.