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  • yeah my next move was to use sleep powder and then growth all day with victreebel and see who guessed right on when to attack which woulda taken another hour
    okay well this shit is due by midnight, got 2 essays to write, so ill try to come back and battle more once im done
    hey man just to let you know im in the process of making a uu team right now so we will be able to battle in uu soon :p
    my team is different because it is densigned to take advantage of the weather and makes up for not having much synergy by becoming way faster/more powerful when the sun is up. try to have like a partner for everyone, for example gengar and snorlax are great, snorlax cant get hit by ghost moves and gengar cant get hit by fighting. dragonite would work great with a pokemon like heatran who resists ice and dragon and hits ice super effectively. its also immune to fire. dragonite cant be hit by ground type moves that ruin heatran so they are a great team. if you used a team that worked together a little better i think you would be really good. you make good decisions when you battle, id just try a few teams out
    for the one you just used i would consider adding a steel type so that you have something to resist dragon type moves, (which you of course had trouble with) possibly replace victini with heatran or ludicolo with scizor.
    well for the team i battled yesterday id get rid of charizard, i love zard but he really needs to be on a sun team, also id switch from leftovers to a choice scarf or specs if you do make a team for him, he just plain isnt durable regardless of what you give him and can benefit from either more speed or more power.
    yeah idk man ou is hard, ur doing fine and i thought that was a pretty solid team, your other one doesnt have that great of synergy meaning your pokes are all good individually but dont cover each others weaknesses all that well. just keep trying new things. i had to remake my team like 5 times over till i started winning more battles than i lost
    i though u had me tbh but the burn cuts ur attack in half so i was hitting at +2 with outrage instead of dragon claw
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