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  • Hey dude, I'm GMT+10. I'm free to play pretty much all day over the weekend, so do you want to try and play then?
    yeah sure that sounds fine, but feel free to vm me any time you're ready, it doesn't HAVE to be noon.
    I'm sorry, it was completely my fault. Not only did I forget, but something came up irl.

    We can battle now, as it seems you're online. I'll be waiting on PS for the next few hours, but tomorrow and sunday are fine too!
    Okay, how does Friday at noon est sound? I'm also online most of the day, so most other times should be fine.
    When can we battle? We gotta fight for round 2 of the bw2 tournament

    I'm Dusk209 on PS, btw
    hey sorry i never responded to those showdown messages :( i accidentally left it all up while I was out. My bad
    yo man, I'm gmt-5, and the only thing is that some days ill work 10-4pm or 4pm-11. Though I'm on Showdown all the time under Joeyboy.
    According to the deadline, we have until Thursday, and I'm sure we can make some time before then. IIRC, your initial PM said Sunday was a good day for you too. I can try to stay up late and catch you in the noon today, or sleep, wake up, and catch you in the evening. Whichever you prefer.
    aight, we need to set up a time. Tomorrow, I will be online from 10 AM PST to 10 PM PST; shoot me a VM, and I will immediately hop on PO.
    Sounds good to me - I can definitely work with that. I'll be on in the hours before and after that time, so you should have a bit of wiggle room ^_^
    I'm wondering when you'd like to battle for ST8, seeing as the holidays have begun. I'm free virtually anytime, and I'm very flexible - if you could get back to me by the 20th with a good time, that'd be great.
    Having hit 1453 on ladder I am now ready to battle for team trials let me know when you want to battle
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