• Apologies for not battling a few days ago. I must have missed your message.

    Any time today if you're free I'm good to go.
    well i've got exams until wednesday your time, but i'm free until the next monday (with the exception of friday :D)

    in gmt -8, i'd be pretty much available from 12pm to 4am, but i can get up earlier or stay up later to get this done.
    Will do. Need a few to import the teams from PO2. See you on shortly.
    Hopefully you are really online this time. You appear to be online. I got home from work about fifteen minutes ago, and am ready to battle whenever you are.
    i smashd jason w pika game 1, zam + magneton game 3
    KING OF BO3 im dabess
    Yes, I can do this now if you are still around. My teams are set on PO2, so if you want Showdown, I need a few minutes to import them.
    We need to set up a time to battle before the 8th. I am off of work all day on Wednesday, and work short hours on Thursday. Let me know when ids best for you. One of those two days will be best for me.
    Thanks man, I'm going to spoil all of The Mentalist for you if you don't start watching it actively again!!!
    Hmmm I'm GMT +10 and I'm generally asleep at the times you're available, but my schoolyear ends soon so I guess I'll be able to wake up early on one of those days and get this done.
    I only just got home from work. One of my fellow employees called in sick, so I had to work a 14 1/2 hour shift. (no, that's not a typo)
    I was here, but I need to go to the gocery store. I should be back within half an hour.
    Damn, barely missed you. I work odd hours. Tomorrow, I work from 11am - 5:30pm. Should be home by 6pm. Maybe we can get together tomorrow? Or, I should be around for about the next hour if you happen to come back on tonight.
    Hey, we're paired for the second round of the OU mini-tourney. just tell me when you have time to battle. I live in GMT+1.
    I'm around. Message me if you come on this evening anytime, and we can do our 3 Mon tourney battle.
    Looks like I only barely missed you. VM me back if you come on anytime soon again. Atherwise, I will be free after 6:00pm (GMT -5) tomorrow, untill at least 1am (GMT -5).
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