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  • Cool! One of mine too. :]
    My friend Jibbs shows me all kinds of different arranges of Border of Life. xD
    They're rather numerous, I agree. Yeah, I saw her boss fight in PCB and it looked so beautiful. @_@

    You must be really good at it then. :o
    My friends could never play Lunatic. xD
    Well, maybe LTP can. I'm not sure. I don't talk to him much.
    I haven't seen her spell cards though. D:
    ok thank you. ^^ this togepi has Nplot/Baton pass bold 26/31/26/31/31/31 you may have use for it. hope you do. :) thank you!
    Oh cool. Thanks for the giveaway and making it semi-redis instead. :)
    Will you be redistributing it to me or will Jiovaine11? I will be using my platinum.
    Do you like "Deaf to all but the Song"? Because I love this arrange of it I found on youtube.

    I also like Border of Life. Yuyuko is so cute. xD
    Totally into napping... zzz...
    Yeah, I have seen Arcadia somewhere before.. She deserves a unique name. Smart move making her semi redis, so hawttttt.
    Names, names, names on the brains.
    Haha, I'm totally into Pokemon raving. :G
    Too busy trying to breed... Finding dinner.. xD
    Maybe someone will think of a lovely name.. I have a weakness for Arcadia. @_@
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