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  • Hey, you live in LA too? What part?
    San Gabriel Valley area! How about you?
    Lol Boyle Heights/East La/DTLA. I used to live in Pico though. Whittier too.
    Hey Flash, my deepest apologies for the delay. My FC for my 3ds is this. (3DS FC: 4871-4426-4369).

    What was yours again? It's 3394-3570-4802.

    Btw, whenever you are available, if you have any spare time, and if you have access to the wifi, please let me know. I have a surprise for you.
    Yup lol I think its great that we can do multi battles online. Just let me know if you guys wanna battle again. I wanna use mega medicham but he dies too fast lol
    Just get your friend to use all the support moves like "Follow Me" and "Wide Guard!"
    Hi :). Been looking around for a Helioptile safari and saw that you have one! Please could you do me a huge favour and add my FC? My code is 2809-8610-3505. Thank you!
    Hi, if you're interested in Electric: (Dedenne, Electabuzz, Luxio) please add me 1719-4350-0416
    Okie Dokie.

    Mhmm yeah. But you gotta admit though, the new forms of the 3 kami pokemon plus the DNA thing fusing kyurem with Zekrom/Reshiram together are very cool. :)

    Yeah you're right about the species of animals part. :(

    Plus some of the shiny pokemon are not that too good as well. I mean some of them do have pretty colors and look cool but some of them don't. :(

    Like the shiny version of Swampert is Pink which in my opinion I don't think the pink color fits with swampert.
    I would be glad to but I haven't got a chance to start on it yet but hopefully during my vacation I will. I have a lot of catching up to do with pokemon so it's probably gonna take a while. A Short while.

    I hope so too.

    Mhmm Yeah. As my teacher and my mother taught me, "Quality is more important than Quantity".

    yeah, they made this weird looking garbage pokemon in the 5th gen of pokemon. What was it called again? Umm.... "Trubbish" and "Garbodor"?

    Mhmm Yeah. Definitely. :)
    Mhmm It's sad but true. :(

    Yes, I own a 3ds

    Yes, I believe you did do the seviper as project for me.

    I was disappointed as well but I hope things work for them as well.

    Probably so.

    Not only that I might not be able to trade because of having responsibilities as an animator but most of the new pokemon that are coming and that I'm seeing right now, are not looking too good and creative just like the pokemon that came out before them.

    Like that new version of mewtwo, the new evolution of eevee, plus the garbage pokemon. :(

    I was thinking that one day when I start doing business with the pokemon company, I can make some new pokemon that are more epic and that can make both the anime and the pokemon stay at their original concept
    I think I probably will. Who knows?! I might not be able to have time to play pokemon once I graduate college in 2 more quarters (the time when christmas comes this year).

    I have a few of your pokemon like Seviper, Shroomish, and Darkrai and I think I might have a couple more of your pokemon.

    i1337/i1338 has been officially blacklisted btw. So I can't say for sure that his safari Garchomp is hacked or legitiment. The one that you got from his giveaway. :(
    We are. I accidently removed you from my friend list. That's why.

    And also, since your quiting from pokemon, what do you want me to do with the credit points that I owe you and are your pokemon still gonna be NFT (not for trade)?
    Hey flash, I saw your typing on your thread. Do you want me to give you a copy of each of the pokemon that you gave me (from your thread)? I can pokeshift them and trade to you on the 5th gen. But I can't get access of the wifi on my 4th gen except for my 5th gen. If that's okay with you.

    I still have these pokemon that you gave me:
    Your shiny Darkrai, your shaymin, your Mesprit, your virizion, your seviper, your breloom, and i1337's safari Garchomp.
    It depends, I normally play in the evening like after 9PM my time cause one of my friends usually finishes work around that time and I enjoy playing mainly with friends. Sometimes he has earlier shifts and we will be playing earlier. I do also go online and do games by myself sometimes too, its just a mater of reaching me cause I'm normally home by 4PM but not always online that game but online my computer doing something else.

    Have you ever used the Ventrillo program? Its a voice chat program people use when playing online games. We have a vent server we use a lot and I tend to just idle in it until Sean logs in and says something to get my attention and then we play. I'll give you the information. Even if you don't have a mic or don't want to talk it makes a sound when you log in a switch channles which could grab my attention. I'll PM the info to you. Also I have a 3D DS now:-D.
    Awesome, Thank You. I'm actually playing LoL right now. So If you come online we could play a game after my current one or later tonight.
    Sending over doubles of some EV trained stuff I have. Dont know where my AR is atm so can't clone till I find it.
    My internet isnt working for some reason trying to fix it. Posssting from my cell phone
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