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  • So do you know about cofagrigus mummy ability? Is it a one time or does it stay even after switching?
    When its done, feel free to post it on the RMT section or PM me the team or something so maybe I could help out make it better since no team is perfect! :P
    Mhmm we could set up something different like my last rmt. A team that uses weather to protect itself against other weather teams and you could take it on the ladder and see how far it can rack up.
    Lol was looking at our threads and I see how much we Comment for each others threads I feel like we should do a joint team at some point
    Woo stall team looking good you mustve done a ton of thinking. And yes do read! I need your opinion since you did most of the commentary on the last one
    And I decided to let metanite fade as well. I combined my older rmt's for something awesome! Although my title Son of a Balthazar was the most random
    thing I could think of lol
    Haha well I like the zoroark gimmick. And yea dragon tail just seems like musical chairs gone crazy
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