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  • The terrorist cup tourney matched us. When should we battle?

    By the way, I'm US Eastern Time, which I *think* is GMT -4. That's what I've been told. I should know that, though.
    Hey bro! I am on Smogon University, can you get on now so we can do our battles? My username is Vaz, what is yours?
    I think I should be able to do 9pm Friday (my time). Are you usually on that time anyway? because I might be able to go on somtime this week at 9pm(my time) but I am pretty sure I will be able on Friday (my time).
    Sorry I didn't get back to you, but by 11:00 AM-1:00 AM do you mean from one in them morning until eleven in the morning, or from eleven in the morning until one o'clock the following day?
    Yo, we got paired up for the MM tourney round 3. I live in GMT +10, so we will see when we can battle. My team is one of the first few posts in the R3 thread. Download the team everyone uses as well, get your team in and we can battle as soon as we can.
    Well 8:00 my time aka 1:00 your time would be best for me. What day would you be able to do it?
    Hey, when can you do our tournament match?
    I haven't even posted my team yet actually (lol) but I thought that we should get in contact.
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