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  • and it might be good to try something new (really think that you would be good, seeing your already made Pokemon)
    if you want to make design more sprites for others, you can also look at the sprites part of "Lets make a game together!!!"
    hmmm I hadn't thought about that. How about gijinka, that sounds like fun :D for realz, that would be really cool ^_^
    It didn't, it was a transparent background. But when I made it my avatar Smogon automatically gave it a black background so I gave it a white background myself so it worked better as an avatar. I still have the transparent background file saved though
    The Aipom is so cool thanks man! I play the flute too! (and guitar hence the request) ^_^
    Don't worry if you don't want to do it, I don't mind. I just wanted a new avatar and I really like your art work!
    It's good as it is. I only used it as an avatar because I really liked it. Also, I plan on using your art in the opening banner for my next RMT, if you don't mind.
    Hi. Just wanted to say that your art is probably the best I've seen in Smeargle's Studio in a long time, and I've been here for almost 3 years. Thanks for making my day.
    awesome job with forest troll! sucks it didn't make it, but it was still really great, and i could totally see it as a future grass cap, if you decide to stick with it. fantastic job; hope to see you in the next cap project, too~
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