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  • I really apologize, I dont have my computer with me right now since I'm helping my parents with stuff, didn't foresee I'd be out so long, but I can definitely do it Tuesday around this time or even earlier
    I'm still working on making a team I want to use for this tournament haha.
    Probably can't play today. I'll be available tomorrow from noon to 3, and then past 7 PM if you want to play any time during then.
    So idk, why you havent responded to me but considering the deadline is tomorrow we should probably get our matches done. If you havent already realized im GMT-8 so theres a huge time difference. I'm willing to play whenever you can as long as its not during my school. Hopefully you'll see this.
    When do you want to play for Overused cavalry? I'd like a few days to build a team, if thats ok.
    Hey, sorry i havent been active for the last few days. I've been busy with school and such. I'll be able to battle this saturday and also tomorrow if theres a time that works with you. Its easier for me to set up a time and battle but if you prefer to just wait until we're both online I'll try to be as active as possible the next few days
    I am GMT+1 too so that fits perfectly^^
    are you really only able to play at nights because i would prefer to time the battle between 18:00-21:00, because i am often going out later so i can't guarantee i am on. I would try to catch you when you're online though :)
    Hey, sorry I've been afk and busy a lot. Up to play for Omaha? I'll be online for a little while. Come and find me if possible.
    Ugh. I'm sorry. I got caught up in some school and family stuff (as did he) so neither of us could play. He'll get in contact with you later tonight but I'm able to play for Omaha now-ish if you are. I'm just going to take one more look at my team. I'll be on Smogon U if you can...
    Have you built for Omaha?
    I have. I am gmt-5. When can you play?

    I can probably play when you play DrMohammadLi considering I live with him...
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