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  • Ok, your friend can accept me in the clan now; just registered. My username is RisingPokeStar.
    Why thank you! It's always nice to hear people appreciate my input. I'll check it out as soon as I get a chance, dude!
    Sorry, I completely forgot about this VM, the real life is kinda tough in this period. I don't really have any experience with Baton Pass, and even less with fast SmashPass teams, so I didn't rate because I did not really know what advices to give. Good luck with the team anyway!
    I saw you mentioned me! Again, very glad to help!and inspire!
    Sun gives the team great potential as well by powering Volcarona, letting Kyurem tank more Water hits, and opening up more potential fun spinners and spinblockers. As I said in the rate, it also lets you possibly use LO Kyurem-B over lefties. For sure give that a shot.
    But thank you for the mentions! I'll help how I can and when I can! ^-^
    yes, i suggested you to use mixed venusaur instead of your current one because heatran blocks all your team member except donphan
    Hi, you are my opponent for the dragon spam tourney, when will you be able to play?
    Try to update your thread. It's just a pain to understand everything you say.
    For instance SR is on two pokemons.

    Take your time and update it, then I'll be able to give a decent rate.
    haha yeah I didn't think about that. Yeah your thread totally inspired mine, but I wanted to make one about pokes that would be more viable now that gene was gone, which I think complements yours about pokes that can replace gene pretty well
    Hey, I just looked your RMT and I don't really have much to add; Superpowerdude, Shurtgal and dragonuser already covered almost everything and I don't like to reply while not adding anything significant to the discussion. Hopefully following their advices will be enough to help you with your peak! Good luck ;)
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