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  • Thats fine, ill get it done in next few days. Might be sunday :) and we can play together on PO sometime to test the team??
    Sorry I havnt rated, im in training to compete for England in swimming, and im sleeping a lot haha but thats done now, so i could rate if you want, but you have had a lot of suggestions so i probebly wont find out not already said but its up to you
    Hi, I see you made a team that peaked #7, congrats. I have a clan, on Serebii Forums, that is recruiting good battlers. Care to join us?
    are you using tentacruel or starmie? your team preview/description/importable/indepth set contradict
    Ok i will try to do both, but it will take a bit of time, as currently i am trying to get reqs for the suspect testing, writing a RMT, and finally writing some analyses so i am quite busy.
    I am glad to help if i can. What do you want help with? You want advice for your team, or someone else to play test with it?
    Yeah, Thundurus-T provides Special kill, Salamence provides late-game sweep with moxie, Jirachi, neh, best with Para.
    Okay, look under the Gen Set, so I wrote a link and view through out those pages. Landorus-T, Thundurus-T are great as well.
    Funny thing is, I did all my laddering with a Stall team that couldn't care less about Genesect. (It wasn't intentional, just how it came out) I have played with him before (both RP and Scarf) and the recent drops are only encourageing his use so I'm just going to base my decision off that. So to answer your question, I think Genesect has to go. RP is really easy to set up and, even in unfavorable conditions, can still leave a big enough dent to give your team the upper hand. Scarf is just super useful, I would bring it in at EVERY chance I got cause I knew that no matter my OP's response I was going to have the upperhand. He is almost always a win-win, the best your opponent can do is make sure he doesn't do too much damage so that you can wear it away with hazards. Having him gone will open up the metagame and make games funner. (SR was already good enough without it being the major factor in winning the Genesect wars)
    Well when I mentioned Skymin had 100%, it didn't have 60% majority, it literally was voted uber by every person. That's 51 people voting to ban it. Keep in mind that during that test there were a number of other suspects such as Darkrai, Deoxys-A, N, S, Manaphy, Blaziken, Garchomp, Thundurus, Excadrill among others. Aside from Garchomp, the rest of those are all uber which means todays game is even weaker than when Skymin was tested. If it was deemed broken by every voter then, I can't imagine how broken it would be today. Here's the post with the voting results for the first test (where Skymin was banned) if you're interested:
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