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  • RIP Hydreigon you were truly the best

    Is it just because he gets raped by the faries or something? I've yet to see the final type list
    I conceive the second batch of info to be probably fake due to:

    1. Pokebeach webmaster said that Mage had cut contacts. Their site stated that they temporarily will not update any new info. And that the second batch of info came after both of the above mentioned events.

    2. Hiro said on his blog that the majority of the information was fake.

    However, it is still possible that the 2nd batch was the unreleased info Pokebeach obtained before Mage cut his contacts.
    haaaa, it's amazing how quickly the thread dies (that is, reach a reasonable amount of responses) when you take out rumor discussion
    yeah i found out all this fairly frequently after i talked to MageLeif on BMGF. He is scared for his life right now. 4Chan people have posted all of his personal information. Tonight, I plan on talking to WPM to try and learn some more.
    Do we seriously not have a mod forum or anything

    because I think we need to go back to our "no rumor discussion" rule for the XY thread, at least until things become more clear cut. There's too many weird things about all these rumors and they've done nothing but kill discussion exactly like what happened in the last thread.
    Though it really is kind of a mess. Origin of an "I want" post back in April, that post on gamefaqs at the start of may, but this stuff has been coming in since february and then the names were correct...
    I say we wait out on editing until we see this week's smash, if only to see if they continue the skit like we think they will.
    earlier in the thread, by me "There's a difference between talking about confirmed information and turning around and spending 10 pages on Slyveon's typing"

    We should just lock it again until tuesday when the english names go up or something
    Hey man, my sister wants to participate in the Nuzlocke Games. Problem is she's 9 and can't sign up for here due to COPPA. Would I be able to let her participate and post for her, or is that not allowed?
    ha well we are already feeling much calmer I assure you. Also I uploaded the wrong one at first so if you want to be in FULL MAJESTY feel free now.
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