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  • I'll try, I don't know what I'm doing tomorrow but hopefully nothing comes up :)

    If you come on later today (you said 3 PM my time, which it is at this moment) we can battle as well.
    No, wouldn't work since I don't get home until 5...I could do midnight or 1 AM on Friday night/Saturday morning, which would be 8-9 AM Saturday for you, or I could do the 3 PM time on Saturday or Sunday.
    We'll have to battle on the weekend because I'm at GMT -7/-8 (I'm not sure because of DST). So Friday, Saturday, or Sunday will most likely work unless one of us already had something planned for one of those days. Lets set up a time?
    Looks like we're paired for the tournament, lets set a time as soon as possible since we're in severely different time zones :)
    Of course bud! :D Oh, do you have "IRC" by chance? I'll be on there if you do. Otherwise we can still communicate through VMs. If you don't have it, use this FC: 2364 6194 4862. Which FC for you?
    You're on Facebook right? It might be easier to chat about it there. Are you RNGing in Heart Gold or Soul Silver? I'm working on a Timid 31/x/31/30/30/31 HP Ground Latios right now! :D
    You know, either way actually. As long as Darkrai and Arceus aren't allowed, I'm okay either way. Well, I gotta get to this Raikou! See ya! :D
    So I'm playing Heart Gold and I'm saved right in front of Raikou and am RNGing it to make it Timid 30/31/30/31/31/31 HP Ice 70! :D
    What sucked more was that my team was in the wrong order! >.< Oh well! That's what practice is for! :x
    Oh, yeah, I live 20 mins from St. Louis! :) Yeah, nothing much here either. I'm currently playing through Heart Gold! :D
    Oh, and just to warn you, the power switch on this particular DS is "going out" so it sometimes turns itself off. Just incase it Disconnects, it wasn't intentional. :?
    Of course! :D Please use my Platinum FC. Which should I use for you? Is it the same one from Worlds, cuz I've got that one in my Pal Pad still! xD
    Hey - when do you want to have our match in the Ubers doubles tourney? I live in the eastern US (GMT -5), so let me know when you're free.
    Yeah, definitely. The only "problem" is the time zone difference, but just let me know your availability and I'd be more than happy to work something out for a great friend like you! :D

    I'm usually free from 4:00PM to 10:00 PM US Central Time. If it helps at all with figuring out what time that is in Germany, it is 4:14 PM here, so just find the difference by looking at what time this message posted and let me know. :)

    Either ruleset works for me, I've got plenty of RNG'd uubers now.
    Nah, I'm kind of a computer noob, so I haven't set one up yet! x? I'll get around to it one of these days. How are you good budy?
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