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  • Bulk tops are still a bit too common now... Maybe have a machamp special wall?
    100 HP | 100 Atk | 252 SpD | 58 Def
    Dynamic punch
    Bulk up
    Sleep talk
    Cresselia is the perfect wall.
    Great typing, and has acess to calm mind. Its dusknour's opposite.
    EV: 252 SpA, 252 HP, 6 Def.
    Hidden Power Fire/Sleep Talk
    Calm mind.

    Togekiss cannot learn tri-attack. That move is exclusive to XD Gale of Darkness only... T.T
    Yea I really liked it haha. My favorites woud have to be blastoise easily at the top then weezing and feraligatr.
    Im thinking of putting a max spdef hitmontop on my team it would be a bulk up.
    Togekiss will always be my number one favorite. Pikachu follows next, then lucario, then blaziken.

    It just grew beastly. "Tsubasa" means Feather
    I can give you my UT one. Its relaxed though, and has 31 IV's in special defense.
    The one i have took 4 hours, and a lot of soft resets to get it right and transferred to a ROM, and transferred via Acekard, and finally onto my heart gold.
    Good game. Though i got EXTREMELY lucky for once...
    I am normally without luck. Trust me on this.
    Bushido= Ultimate kamikaze warrior.
    "Bushido" means "Way of the Warrior"

    Its mine, i bred it, ev trained it. It was my last surviving pikemon that escaped the slaughter of my soul silver!

    Togekiss is from XD Gale of darkness! :)
    Lets go now! :)
    I switched up a couple pokemon.

    They other guy hasnt been on for 10 mins. I am in wifi!
    Nice. If the other guy doesnt come in, want to rematch with slightly diffrent pokemans?
    Lol my lead was meant to coubter those leads also haha. I thought you were going to nasty plot with porygon thats why i switched in. Didnt expect an OHKO. :(
    Sorry it is taking so long. I am at work and had a customer come in. Going into wi-fi now.
    I have no idea i wsitched in and my hp bar didnt come up i had full bars and the lead so you know i wasnt gonna quit
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