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  • I dont think its hacked, if it is selled on ebay, if one would find out that it is hacked, he could just inform ebay and then he could no longer sell it.
    By the way, have you uploaded Chansey to Pokecheck? Well you probably did, but what didi it say?
    Oh ok, what new method? I hope its not hacked, since wish chansey is the pokemon that I need the most :)
    i feel sorry for you, because all these people post in you thread, but you dont have a internet connection atm :)
    Okay I know about that (read your update) as soon as you can trade feel free to check my closed thread.
    when you battle the pokemon, the game has the stats of the maximum level the shadow pokemon is (x-y, will have y's stats)

    There's a such thing as a nature lock where the previous pokemon PIDs have to be a certain nature, thus limiting the spreads.
    ciao, puoi dare un'occhiata al mio thread x il tuo zapdos e qualche altro pokemon?
    careful 24/31/26/1/31/15
    PID: d81a3e54
    seed: 673D9722

    thats the only spread that has a neutral nature lock

    btw shadow boots only occur before you catch it
    in true I didn't understand at all the shadow boost factor, and I think is better if I'll read the guideXD anyway a questio: when you cought a pokemon, tha shadow boost is over, right? Or it's over when you purify it? I thinks when you cought it, right?
    No problem. If you plan on doing a speed test on Pokémon when resetting take note of the Shadow Boost research thread. The shadow Pokémon have a level boost and I've listed various useful ones. Example Hypno has the stats at level 37 for the given IVs/Nature when the enemy uses it in battle aganist you even though it's level 34.
    Since you're going to do another run of XD Gale of Darkness I would suggest looking in here for some useful information.
    with zapdos I was very lucky: shiny, great nature and nice ivs; but not the same with groudon, but is a pokemon that I love: I cought them only for lucky, but before the rng was cracker, I they are aazing pokemon. now it isn't the same, but for me they have anyway an affective value. about chansey, at the moment is not for trade, because like I say is not a pokemon taht I've get by my self, and since I know there is a new method of cheking pokemon, I want to do also this check
    Oh ok, some people dont know about that, I knew you know though.
    HP Electric ;)
    But Groudon has HP Ice :)
    Chansey is not for trade???
    yes, I konw wep and wpa, the problem is that my router is particular and is one of the few router that are not compatible in any mode with th DS system. I check Internet a lot of time, but als other person that have this kind of router aren't allowed to connect. anyway I catch two shinies (zapdos and Groudon) you can see them in my trade if you want
    No problem!!!
    Do you know about wep and wpa?
    RNG can be a good thing, for example if you dont have much time. Then I think abusing the RNG is fine, but only if you dont RNG shinies, perfect IVs, a HP, or Pokemon that run across the country.
    How many shinies did you catch?
    I like surprises :D
    like you wish, but if you want some advices, I thikn is better if you use some banners, and after that, why do ou wan't any RNG pokemon? remember that a lot of user search them and with them you can do more trades. I thikn i s better if you put in your trade thread at lest some redis pokemon, like me, that prefer soft resetting in rare games like XD, but my trade carry annyway some RNG pokemon
    they are onlin eonline like every 2 months, so ill just use them and if someone says anything, ill just remove them.
    Thanks. My trade thread is messed up... I dont know how that happened... Takes so much time to fix it :(
    Hey :)
    I have a question.
    Are these Banners free for everyone?
    Do you know where I can get free banners?
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