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  • "I really didn't want to post but I stand by that mods should not receive CC for the forums in which they moderate. It seems entirely silly for them to be rewarded (again) for being active, good, and encouraging posters in their forum. I hate that the whole "they've gone above and beyond what moderators should be doing," because I don't believe that is true entirely. Mods, by default, should be doing what CC is being rewarded for."
    Well, I'm saying if Kabuto just resurrected random ninjas, he'd probably bring back Rin. But yeah, you're right
    It'd be cool if the Resurrection Jutsu brought back Rin, just for shits and giggles.

    That'd be one awkward battle.
    I saw you posted in the Naruto thread and then I immediately went to

    thanks for the random heads up xD

    EDIT: had to go to another site, its still uploading pages
    Read the bottom part of this post. We'll see if times really have changed since The Ladybug Inflation was posted.
    O_O you use mozilla Aurora? I used to try out alpha-Firefoxes, I didn't think anyone else would, lol. Eh, the Beta's fine for me tbh.

    Additionally, you could try out the nightly builds. :D
    genny have you ever seen super eight? cos I was going to say the cute boy in the lead roll looks kinda like you.
    but then I realized it was only that you couldn't really see him in the opening scene, he actually doesn't look like you too much besides the hair
    you make a good point; the earlier wells were apparently in late 2009 so they're seriously becoming aged. still though, their perspectives are unlikely to have changed that much and they've already been asked almost all the questions that they're going to be asked. i would say we have a little more to learn from nominating new people.

    good thinking, and i'll give it more thought.

    also, it really makes my day when somebody (especially somebody i know/like/respect) leaves a compliment on my wall. i wish people would say more nice things about each other.
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