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  • If you're still looking for a Marill I have one. :P
    Maui Wowee
    Maui Wowee
    sorry just got one with ivs i need over gts lol. thanks though!
    Pal keep your terrakion, i can RNG lot of them!
    Trade me a useless poke i don't care :-)

    edit: well, i said useless.... but is ok. I can give you back your tentacruel if you want.
    even if you don't have the bronzor let's trade, I will leave in five minutes.
    edit: maybe other time, see ya!
    is ok, i will wait in the wi-fi club.
    About the trade, this are the pokes I want. but is does not matter if you don't have any of then.

    or dewgong
    and if you have any one of these pokes, I will really apreciate:
    or dewgong
    Yo dude, thx!

    You know I have this kind of Joint Thread with my pal White Eagle, if you need anything else post there or send me a VM (or PM if you want to keep it private)
    I have a few petayas berries from Join Avenue so it's fine.
    The schedule for the trade is: Monday 11th around 11:00 pm on your clock.
    I can nickname if you want too and let it hold an item (if I have it on stock, lol)
    ummmm... flawless? I'm not an expert on RNG. This is what I can offer you:
    Piplup (UT)
    Modest Nature
    moves: Agility

    (if you are using a Modest nature then I guess you don't worry about the attack IVs)

    If you accept my conditions give me two days from the time of this message to have it ready. btw, my timezone is GMT-4, what yours?
    Of course I can!
    and I don't really want anything in return so don't worry!
    Just tell what you want and I will see if I can RNG it.

    (just for you to know, I don't RNG roamers nor 4th gen exclusive legendaries)
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